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Danger of fantasies, fetishes and unusual practices

A fetish pertains to an obsessive fixation on either a part of the body or both. During masturbation an individual requires something in particular for sexual fulfillment. While masturbating one needs to either fantasize about that object or have possession of that particular object. Even when an individual indulges in sex with a partner, he still requires fantasizing about that object or needs it in his possession.

For instance, if an individual is charmed by a blonde it is quite normal, but if a person fails to get stimulated unless in the companion of a blonde, one is likely to have a fetish then.

  • A fetish is concerned with the relocation of power from a primary source onto a substitute.
  • A fetishist is a person who functions beyond the zone of what is typically regarded as normal.
  • There are different sorts of fetishes, based on the object being fetishized.
  • Two major types of fetishes are related to inanimate and animate objects.

Media and form are the two types of inanimate fetishes.

In a media fetish, individuals are obsessed with some form of material or the other such as rubber, leather, latex, and silk.

As far as form fetish is concerned, it's the shape of the object that one is greatly obsessed for example stiletto heels, knee-high boots and panties.

Feet, hair butts, breasts are also regarded as fetishes and because these objects are related to the human body they are referred to as animate fetishes.

Any object can be turned into a fetish by an individual. However there are various levels of fetishism: from mild to extreme. Fetishes become dangerous when they happen to interfere with a relationship or an individualís life.

Fantasies are referred to as daydreams. They are invented visions, fanciful assumptions or wishful thinking. Every individual fantasizes to some extent. Fantasy is a basic aspect of human character.

  • Sexual fantasies may be an expression of a trait of an individualís unconscious mind.
  • For instance, fantasies about being docile or submissive may be associated with a keenness to undergo high sexual stimulation devoid of personal responsibility.

But fantasies are far removed from real life, for example people might fantasize about performing sex in a public place or with a certain individual. And occasionally these unreal images may lead to sexual stimulation since they are unreal.

The dangers of fantasy lie in the fact that certain individuals are apprehensive that fantasizing about people apart from their partner could be an act of disloyalty, indicating either a keenness to be disloyal or that they are no more aroused by their partner alone.

In usual sexual practices people are found tied with ropes and chains in a bizarre manner. Men are often clad in women's clothing to give a weird touch to sexual acts.