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Lack of exercise

Regular physical exercise is essential for the well being of an individualís health. However a large number of individuals are averse to the idea of regular physical exercise. Physical idleness is the most widespread threat factor for heart diseases.

Heart disease in men and women can be linked to a lack of physical exercise. Lack of exercise gives rise to a number of physical ailments including obesity.

Effective means of preventing diseases
  • Physical activity is regarded as one of the most effective ways of preventing disease.
  • It can reduce the threat of heart disease if individuals who are presently inactive physically or follow a light exercise regime enhanced their physical activity to a reasonable level.
  • The heart is the most crucial muscle in the human body and it requires exercise in order to stay in proper shape so as to pump blood effectively with every heartbeat.
  • It has been observed that numerous people die from a lack of exercise and not merely from aging.

The process of aging is associated with the degeneration of muscle and when people grow old their immunities decline. It is due to the failing immunity, that the elderly are exposed to the threat of fatal infectious diseases or lethal cancers. It has been observed that both the aged and the young turn over body protein at the identical rate. Scarcity of protein results in death. As individuals grow old they lose their capability to destroy germs due to the deficiency of muscle. When a germ penetrates the human body, the body must produce proteins known as antibodies and cells to eliminate these germs.

However, antibodies and cells are produced from protein, and it is in the muscle which is the only place where the extra protein can be preserved. When a person possesses muscles which are large he or she can derive the protein from muscles and produce antibodies and cells. Exercise is essential in ensuring proper muscle growth and formation which in turn can increase the immunity of individuals against infections and lethal diseases.

Individuals possessing small muscles are deficient in supplies of amino acids to produce proteins, and the immunity is insufficient to eradicate germs.

When individuals possess skeletal muscles that are small, it also signifies that the heart muscle is weak. An adverse impact of any kind on the heart can cause irreparable harm to a weak heart, while a heart that is strong has the capacity to resist arteriosclerosis and infections. Studies have revealed that muscles do not get smaller due to aging but lack of exercise is primarily responsible for making the muscles smaller.

It is advisable to stick to an exercise schedule to build muscles. One should make an endeavor to exercise at an exceedingly relaxed pace each day till the time the muscles become heavy or begin to hurt suggesting that one should stop then.